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We anticipate the launch of our textbook in the October 2023 time frame. We will post the table of contents soon. Unique textbook features include:

  • No knowledge of a programming language is necessary

  • QR codes that link out to short and important videos

  • Orange workflow to explain exactly how we arrived at different analyses

  • Each chapter has a chapter summary, key principles, and data exercises

No Code Data Science textbook cover
No Code Data Science

The textbook begins with an overview of data science, the data mining platform known as Orange, and the statistical program JASP. The second chapter is very comprehensive about one of the most important aspects of data science - data! Despite Orange being Python-based and JASP being R-based, no programming is required. 

We have chapters on data visualization, machine learning models, supervised and unsupervised learning, time series, geolocation, image analytics, text mining, and continuous improvement, and data science. 

Our goal is to launch an online course with the textbook and award a variety of certificates. Stay tuned.

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