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 Four Week Workshops 2024

  • The free Introduction to No Code Data Science Workshops will start in March 2024 and run for four Friday evenings

  • The dates are March 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 6 PM EST for one hour

  • We will be using Orange Data Mining and JASP. Students should download these ahead of time

  • The goal is to have students follow along as we navigate through some datase

  • All sessions will be recorded

No Code Data Science Workshops 2022-2023

Our virtual data science workshops are taught monthly in the United States, and they attract a diverse audience of students, clinicians, and faculty. There are no prerequisites for the workshops. The usual duration is 60-75 minutes.  Participants are emailed chapter content and Orange workflow (.OWS files) ahead of time. The workshops follow the textbook chapters and use the free open-source data mining platform Orange and the free open-source statistical software JASP to demonstrate concepts and complete data exercises.


Data exercises use medical and non-medical data which we make available to participants and the public on our File-Share option on this website. 

The workshop Zoom sessions are recorded and available on our YouTube Channel and this link takes you to a table that lists the date, book chapter, the topics discussed, and a hyperlink to its monthly video.  YouTube channel

Note: our monthly workshops will conclude in December 2023 as we transition to the certificate course. See the Certification tab. We created a new YouTube channel to present our newest videos and the videos from our monthly workshops 




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